Salua Germanium Arm Shaper [Korea] Slim arm shaping *Ready stock

[Salua】Made in Korea Germanium Arm Shaper [Korea] Slim arm shaping *Ready stock 现货
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[Salua】Made in Korea  Germanium Arm Shaper   

 Made in Korea

♥ 2016 Most Hot-Selling & Effective Product From Korea minutes finished without hair damage

 Burn 376 Calories per hour

 Built-in Metal Germanium help to BURN FAT & SWEAT MORE

♥ Achieve Fat-Soluble Skin Elasticity effects and treat the cold legs arthritis, muscle pain and other pain

 Feel some automatic friction burn, but it's not overbearingly hot


 【Patented germanium strip of the arm calf】 Korean popularity 1 Scientific plastic legs Scientific pressures, healthy plastic arms Germanium element + Tomaline, protect your health Pleasant malevolent sticks of fabric More Effective Sports

【Close reminder】 1. Marketplace imitation, to ensure that you have a mishap, please confirm the security code on the packing box, it is necessary to mishap the goods through A. 2. This product is manufactured in Korea and imported from Korea, property guarantees, please be comfortable with your purchase. This product is personal clothing, dismantled after, if it is not a commodity defect, returns are not acceptable.

【Laundry Mode】 This product is a scientific and technological fabric, it is recommended to focus on hand washing, make sure to put it in the bag if you want to wash the machine. Do not dry、 white、 ironing.

South Korea's First Science Plastic Brand-Petty Glasses Plenty of merry millet from 11 to today, focusing on the American Plastic Industry, through continuous pursuit of quality and technology, create good results. Business on the basis of three first principles: Quality First、 first effect、 technology first Adoption of a 400 pin petelete technology, high elasticity, deliver products with scientific plastic effect to consumers. Pleasant merchants insist on whatever products they are, both manufactured from Korean factories, and in a spirit of less precision, there is a strict control over the merry. It's through this insistence, to succeed in getting into all duty free stores in Korea today、 walking into television, there are all the streets and lanes in Korea., moreover, in 2018, he won the National Grand Prize: The National Satisfaction Award and First Class Award of the Series of Products

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获韩国国家认证,做运动时戴上,经过摩擦自动每小时消耗 376卡路里!


整条溶脂套都加了溶脂瘦身颗粒,是韩国唯一一家专利药制瘦身颗粒产品! 通过韩国大学国家运动选手亲身实验!

而带上这款溶脂套做运动或平时走动时经会透过摩擦,自动产生微温!从而加快血液循环及加快燃烧消脂效果!专利弹性物料,由S~XL 都适合穿着。

Material : 88% polyamide, 12% polyurethane

Size : 18-45cm , Free (有弹性,男女适用)


ORiginal Salua :

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