Salua Germanium Fat Burn Slim Health Fitness Belt Waist Trainer Body Shaper [Korea] *Ready stock

Salua Germanium Fat Burn Slim Health Fitness Belt Waist Trainer Body Shaper [Korea] *Ready stock 现货
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❤️We are authorised dealer by Korea Salua / 我们是拥有韩国Salua 授权代理 
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Salua Germanium Fat Burner Slim Health Fitness Belt Waist Trainer Body Shaper

♥ Made in Korea - 100% Authentic
♥ Most Hot-Selling & Effective Product From Korea
♥ Burn 376 Calories per hour while doing exercise
♥ Built-in Metal Germanium help to BURN FAT & SWEAT MORE
♥ Achieve Fat-Soluble Skin Elasticity effects and treat the cold legs arthritis, muscle & back pain
♥ Feel some automatic friction burn, but it's not overbearingly hot

❇️Package Include:1 x Salua Slim Health Waist Shaper

Country Manufacture:Republic of Korea
Features:Germanium Slim Health Waist Shaper
Brand:    Salua    
Material: Polyamide & Polyurethane
Product Type: Shapewear

❇️Size- Free size suit 30cm up to 105cm 

✅How to use: Pull the band upwards to fit your waist. Use neutral detergent when washing the band, and do not use bleach.

product description
The #Korean #salua #health science belt is a patented product of the tourmaline/meteorite metal element from #Salua. Since its launch, it has won several international patent awards.

The salua belt is suitable for people regardless of age, regardless of gender. Those who want to become a small waist and healthy needs can use it.

✅Poor body immunity, low immunity
✅shape fat loss crowd
✅postpartum lady, loose skin
✅People with frequent dysmenorrhea and lower back pain

About Tourmaline stone effect:, is a type of jewelry in the tourmaline family, in which iron, magnesium, lithium, manganese, aluminum and other metal ions ,the content of each ion can improve the body blood Circulation, enhance metabolism, improve endocrine, and adjust autonomic nerves. Enhance human immunity. 

Indications: relieve fatigue, stabilize nerves, regulate the function of organs, enhance the physiological functions of various organs of the human body, and eliminate harmful substances such as heavy metals, lactic acid, uric acid and free radicals. Stimulate the body's various gland functions to produce a variety of #hormones.
The radio waves emitted by the unique tourmaline/meteorite elements can also treat and inhibit the growth of tumors. It is a magical #scientific #waist #product to grow up and wear good for human #health.




Let’s Slim Salua Health Waist Shaper 专利颗粒溶脂套(修腰及减肚腩专用)

Material : 88% polyamide, 12% polyurethane

Size : Free Size (30cm 拉到105cm )有弹性,男女适用





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