SE13 * Ready Stock Size 42, 43 *Colour : Black, Light Gold

Plus Size Fashion simple, flat women sandals Ready Stock (大码时尚简约 平底女凉鞋)* Ready Stock Size 42, 43 /UK8, 9 *Colour : Black, Light Gold Colour: L. Gold - Size42
Black - Size42Black - Size43L. Gold - Size42
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Item : SE13
Price : RM49
Colour : Black, Light Gold

REMARK : Non-slip , Flat ​
Size : 38, 39, 40,41,42,43,44,45,46

Last month many of you ask me to find big size shoe .. and yes I found one on the first day of arrival ... they have size up to 46 and the size are quite accurate . So I try my best to sell in cheapest price since 1st time on shoe thing and can't guarantee the quality .. need u all to tell me after wearing

So here's the chart and how to measure . I have big and wide leg , my leg length 26.5cm , wide 8.5cm and I wear all in size 42



🐣What is ✈️oversea Live purchase 🛍
➡️Oversea Live purchase/procurement service means I will travel to oversea and do personal shopping for you . Why we called it LIVE ? Live means buy 1st pay later . once photo uploaded and once you said you want , I will straight purchase then only u make payment .

➡️海外连线代购是我会固定出国去帮你买东西 。 连线的意思就是 先买后付款 , 也就是说当你一说你要, 我就马上帮你买 然后你再付款

🐣Why live purchase ? 🛍
➡️Coz to help everyone to save money especially economic getting worst now .We buy in wholesale bulk and sell you in less expensive price . Ofcoz we have our margin , but is very low margin and we don't keep any ready stock for live purchase . Is a win win situation

➡️因为现在的经济开始越来越差,希望能帮大家省些钱 ,然后我们也不用顿这么多货同时也能赚一些利润 。

✈️ When to receive ? 
➡️For Bangkok oversea Live purchase we will use land transport cargo 🚚to send back to Msia which takes 7-12working days to reach us . (Calculate from the end date of live purchase ) 
💃However if u need it urgently , u may inform us in advance , I have 30kg of luggage space that I can bring back for limited customer .

✈️ 什么时候能收到?
➡️若是曼谷连线代购 , 我们将会用陆运 🚚运送回来 大约需要7-12天工作日 (从代购结束日期计算)
💃但如果你有急需要用到 ,下单是可以通知 , 若行李还有位 ,我能帮你带回来 。 我能带30公斤而已 所以先到先得哦。

🐣Why missyakiplus ?
➡️Because every single item I choose it carefully 💪🏻💪🏻ensure the quality , I only sell things that I wear /use and I accept 7 days exchange for garment (postage bear by customer)

➡️因为每一款都是精心挑选的💪🏻💪🏻,都确保质量 , 我只卖我穿的用的 。 再来服装的我接受7天内更换 (运费顾客自付 )

💰 When to make payment ?
➡️Once invoice issued , we appreciate a lot payment 💸received within 48hours . However if you are interested but have to wait for salary , no problem , inform us , we will purchased for you and keep till u get your salary . Sincerely hope you do not cheat my trust on you 🍻😘

💰 什么时候付款?
➡️一旦结单后,我们希望能在48小时内收到汇款 💸。但如果 你有兴趣订购但是还没出娘 , 你可以通知我们, 我们将帮你代购然后出娘后汇款 后我们发货 。 但希望亲们不要骗我对你的信任哦 🍻😘

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