SE31 *Ready Stock Size : 43 Black

Ready Stock Plus size Shoes * Size : 43 Black Colour: Black
Size: 43
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Item : SE31
Price : RM59.00
Colour : Black, Silver, Blue

Size : 39, 40,41,42,43,44,45,46

♦️Before buy , pls read this :
♦️购买前请耐心看完哦 ;

👠 很久没代购鞋子啦... 每一趟都被问 😄今天一次过满足大家 🤣 原因不代购是因为每次会遇到供应不足,缺颜色/尺码 。 所以这一次建议大家选2款或两个颜色 ,首选和第二选择 , 这样就能比较顺利帮大家购买哦 。

‼️尺码蛮正的 ,我的脚长26.5cm 脚阔8.5CM 穿42号 ,一些包脚款脚阔建议拿大一号哦. 
💢鞋子不接受退换哦 , 感恩

👠 It’s been long time I have not sell Plussize shoes , the reason is becoz the supplier always lack of color/sizes . So this round I suggest everyone to send us 2choices , means if 1st choice no stock , then we can try to get the second choice , this will help us to speed up the process .

‼️ this sizing are quite accurate ,my feet length are 26.5 cm , wide 8.5cm wear size 42 . If u have wider leg than mine than take 1size bigger , those that cover toes , recommend to take 1size bigger for comfortable wear

💢Do note that shoes cannot be exchange or return , do buy at your own risk .



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