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 All Japan product is personally bring it back from japan


Kose 6 in 1 plumping mask pack -  
Red (50pcs )- moisturising + hydration
White(50pcs) - whitening + moisturising
Blue (40pcs)- japan rice ultra moisture hydration 

✅Easy, all-in-one skincare! 1 mask plays 6 different roles!
😱Toner+Serum+Moisturizer+Cream+Pack+Eye Mask
✅Intensive eye/mouth zone care! Combats fine lines and wrinkles due to dry skin! (Product Efficacy Tested)
✅Moisturizes while plumping and firming!
✅The mask’s sealant effects ensure that the moisturizing ingredients are thoroughly absorbed resulting in plump, youthful looking eye/mouth zones.

Collagen ・ Hyaluronic Acid ・Elastin ・ Astaxanthin ・Natural Moisturizing Factor・Glycerin

■ Masks made out of soft Bemliese that feels good on skin!
Bemliese, produced from cotton, adheres comfortably to the areas underneath the eyes and around the mouth. Bargain pack of 50 masks for everyday use!

■ Mildly Acidic ・Fragrance-Free ・Colorant-Free . Mineral oil -Free

Sheet made from specially selected Japanese materials, fits snugly to your face.

Close-fit sheet from 100% plant derived ingredients

This thick sheet made from 100% plant derived ingredients, making it easier to spread, is saturated in beauty serum. 
Fits comfortably even to problem areas like below your eyes and mouth, binding to your skin. A large volume pack with 50 sheets, so you can use every day.

Beauty serum ingredients. Penetrates deep into your stratum corneum.

Sheet made from 100% plant derived ingredients, now easier to spread. Fits comfortably even to problem areas like below your eyes and mouth. A thicker sheet that delivers generous amounts of beauty serum.

For plump skin; make fine lines unnoticeable.* CLEAR TURN Plumping Mask

Plump and brighten your skin with a whitening sheet mask that even takes care of fine wrinkles from dryness!

Clear Turn Medical Whitening Skin Whitening Mask 50-pack

All-in-One One mask, 6 functions. An all-in-one mask, a single sheet with 6 functions that can care for blemishes and fine wrinkles from dryness, all at once. Daily skin care for skin brimming with a plump translucence.

【小三美日】★可以天天敷的面膜底加★KOSE~ 高保濕盈潤面膜50枚入+KOSE~白皙盈潤面膜50枚入


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