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  • 最近被很多顾客追问N4 Cream 因为已断货好几个月了 ... 原本新年要去韩国代购找货的 , 哪知突然爆发武汉肺炎 家人都不让我出门了 . 

    感谢韩国的柜台小姐姐今天通知我有货了 ! 立马下单了2箱 ..   要下单的赶紧哦 ! 

    N4 有多好用不用我多说, 买过的顾客都回来要4罐6罐的 ... 🙈所以我也努力给大家优惠哟

    If u have been looking for N4 cream , good news here Just been informed by korea friend that N4 cream are back in stock .  Order now before sold out again 

    🏻🏻🏻Must buy 必买

    Acwell No.4 Aqual Clinity Cream- 
    1 for RM89
    2 for RM160 
    4 for RM300 
    强烈推荐!李佳琪 ,袁咏仪等推荐的一款性价比超高的面霜N4 Acwell抗敏感保湿面霜50ml 是一款比婴儿面霜还要细腻柔和两倍的具有强效镇静及修复皮肤的补水面霜, 很适合于缺少水份和敏感而导致肤色暗哑和瘙痒的皮肤,不仅适用于所有肤质,更适用于敏感及过敏皮肤





    ✅肌肤容易过敏 ,容易泛红。


    含有PURITOX真 ,芍药、甘草、升麻、葛根提取物,共4种中药🌿植物中的成分,提取对皮肤有益的的多酚成分



    Acwell No.4 Aqual Clinity Cream

    Highly recommended! HK Artist Anita Yuen and others recommended high quality facial cream N4 Acwell Anti-Sensitive Moisturizing Cream 50ml is a moisturizing cream that is twice as delicate and softer than baby cream. Ideal for skin that is dull and itchy due to lack of moisture and sensitivity, not only for all skin types, but also for sensitive and allergic skin.

    A refreshing soothing cream

    ✅Suitable for oily skin and sensitive muscles and red blood keratin

    ️ Because it is very refreshing, all oil skins are stress free

    ❗️The key point is that it can improve and soothes red skin

    ❎This brand is characterized by no animal oil, no artificial colors, no preservatives, and other additives. It is friendly environment

    ✅ Skin is prone to allergies and is prone to redness.
    ✅The skin is dull and rough
    people who need water and nutrient supply for skin

    ️ Even if the skin is not sensitive, you can use it.

    🥣All natural botanical ingredients🌿
    Contains PURITOX, peony, licorice, cohosh, puerarin extract, a total of 4 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines in the plant, extracting polyphenols that are beneficial to the skin.

    After using it, the skin feel watery, with natural luster and tenderness.

    ✅Adding water and soothing skin
    ✅ brighten skin tone
    ✅ refreshing moisture
    ✅ mild and not irritating

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