SE05 *Ready Stock Size 42, 43

Plus Size Fashion simple, flat women Shoes Ready Stock Size 42 43,/US11, US12, /UK8, UK9 (大码时尚简约 平底女凉鞋) Colour: Silver -42
Black -43Silver -42
Size: 42
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Item : SE05
Price : RM45.00
Colour : Silver, Black

REMARK : Non-slip , Flat 
Size : 40,41,42,43,44,45,46

Last month many of you ask me to find big size shoe .. and yes I found one on the first day of arrival ... they have size up to 46 and the size are quite accurate . So I try my best to sell in cheapest price since 1st time on shoe thing and can't guarantee the quality .. need u all to tell me after wearing

So here's the chart and how to measure . I have big and wide leg , my leg length 26.5cm , wide 8.5cm and I wear all in size 42


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